Led by: JEssica Kinsey

Jessica is a facilitator, strategist, creative thinker, professional development trainer and founder of Prodigy & Co, a training and consulting company that will help you transform your organization into a place where people are not only changing the world, but they are having so much fun, they can’t imagine doing anything else.

Prodigy & CO Webinar Series

Conflict Competence: Enhancing Communication and Problem-Solving in the Workplace

Tuesday, June 25th | 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Unresolved conflicts in the workplace can lead to strained relationships, decreased morale, and decreased productivity. By developing conflict competence, individuals can learn how to manage conflicts in a way that preserves relationships and promotes a positive work environment. This class covers conflict resolution styles and theories, managing emotions, and fostering communication.

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